Monday, 4 June 2007

Sunny Dunny

Talking of Poetry Scotland, Colin Will, who designs and manages the PS website, posted this mini-review of my chapbook on his blog, Sunny Dunny. I'm grateful to him for his kind words, and I can endorse everything he says about Eleanor Livingstone's The Last King Of Fife. I like the look of Jim Carruth's High Auchensale too - it keeps getting excellent reviews. I'll be buying it very soon.


Andrew Shields said...

And I posted a mini-review of Colin's "Sushi & Chips" on my blog.

Matt Merritt said...

Nice review, Andrew, and another book I should definitely get. I like what Colin does with nature poetry - in a recent issue of Acumen there was a debate over whether it was still relevant/necessary. Used like that, I'd say yes, definitely.