Saturday, 2 June 2007

Online book fair

I'm delighted to have made it into the latest edition, No.135, of long-running and high quality webzine Snakeskin, which takes the form of a book fair. It's flattering to be in there alongside all kinds of excellent poets, including fellow Happenstancer Eleanor Livingstone (we launched our chapbooks at the same Edinburgh reading back in October 2005 - I can recommend hers), Alison Brackenbury (Bricks And Ballads is another I can highly recommend), and Snakeskin editor George Simmers, who manages to be both a real craftsman AND have a lot of fun with his poetry. Anyway, have a browse. My featured poem (imaginatively titled Poem) was one of my favourites from my chapbook, or rather, as near as I got to writing a 'manifesto' poem. It has also spawned a sort of sequel poem, but more of that some other time.
Snakeskin has had one or two web-based problems in the last couple of weeks, but as you'll see, it's very much alive and well again.


Rob said...

Well done, Matt!

I don't know what happened with me. I sent Snakeskin an email with details of my chapbook, but it was returned 3 times as undeliverable - twice from one email address and once from another.

So I gave up trying after that...

Matt Merritt said...

Thanks Rob. George Simmers did say when he emailed on Friday that he'd had all sorts of web problems, so unfortunately some entries probably disappeared into a black hole. But he also sounds keen to do it again, if this is popular, so it might become a regular feature.