Tuesday, 5 June 2007

East Mids online

Literature East Midlands has got its website well and truly up and running. It contains news, opportunities, and a database of writers and writers' groups, which is bound to come in useful.
I noticed on there that the Lowdham Book Festival is fast approaching. I'm determined to get along to at least a couple of events this year, and although as a lifelong Leicester City fan I probably shouldn't admit it, the Brian Clough thing looks good. Even if I do hate all things Forest, the man was a (flawed) genius.
One of my favourite Cloughie stories is about how he'd been out one bitter winter's night, watching a reserve or youth team game, and got back home late to find his wife had already gone to bed. He went straight upstairs and got in beside her, and she woke, saying: "God, your feet are cold."
His reply? "They are cold, but I've told you, you can call me Brian in the bedroom."

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