Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Blackbox Manifold 16 out now!

Issue 16 of Blackbox Manifold is out now, with work by Matthew Carbery, Imogen Cassels, Adam Hampton, Lewis Haubus, Tom Jenks, Kent MacCarter, Amy McCauley, James Midgley, Peter Mishler, Simon Perchik, Stuart Pickford, Sam Riviere, Iain Rowley, Ian Seed, Afshan Shafi, Rachel Sills, Dale Smith, David Spittle, Catherine Vidler, Corey Wakeling and John Welch.

There are a new series of essays on the sequence and seriality by Dorothy Alexander, James Capozzi, Alan Golding, Astrid Lorange, Simon Smith and Anne Stillman, and there are also pieces by Ed Luker on JH Prynne, Joe Luna on Douglas Oliver, and Adam Piette on RF Langley.

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Poetry Pleases! said...

Dear Matt

'A Sky Full of Birds' finally arrived today. I am reading 'Artist In Residence' by Simon Bill at the moment but my wife Rusty is well stuck into it. To prove our bona fides, page 48 begins: 'Turns out I'm rather missing the point.'

Best wishes from Simon R. Gladdish