Thursday, 15 August 2013

From Watford Gap To Camelot

In the course of searching for some information on Alfred The Great (in the wake of Michael Wood's excellent King Alfred and the Anglo-Saxons on BBC4 last week), I rediscovered this rather splendid website. I say rediscovered, because I remember reading it in its entirety a good eight years ago.

It's great to dip in and out of, and sends you off down all sorts of historical and geographical byways, if you'll excuse the obvious cliche. It's also got me thinking about a long-distance walk I intended to do years ago, but which I've put off again and again.

I've also just noticed that this is Polyolbion's 1000th post (in what's going on for seven years now). From Watford Gap To Camelot is an oddly appropriate website to feature, then, following as it does in the footsteps of Michael Drayton.


Caroline Gill said...

Many congratulations, Matt, on your 1000th post. Here's to the next! And how serendipitous that the featured website (which at an initial glance looks fascinating) should fall in step with Drayton.

Thank you so much for the tip-off about Michael Wood. I paid my first visit to West Stow last w/e ...

Matt Merritt said...

Ah, West Stow! Haven't been there for years - must try to get down there soon.

I've loved both the Michael Wood programmes so far. I was glad that this latest one focused more on Aethelflaed than Edward The Elder - she should be better remembered.