Friday, 16 September 2011

Pow-Wow Litfest 2011

I've suddenly realised that I've completely failed to flag up that I'm reading at the Pow-Wow Litfest 2011, at the Prince of Wales, on Alcester Road, Moseley, tomorrow. I've been blathering about it on Twitter for weeks, but I'd forgotten that I hadn't mentioned it on here.

I'll be on just after the capoeira, at around 6.45pm, while fellow Nine Arches writer Joel Lane is on an hour or so later.

As you'll see if you click on the link, there's loads of other great stuff too, including comedy, dance, DJs, more poetry and even a 'stand-up philosopher'.

I'm looking forward to the event, and to catching up with a couple of East Midlanders in exile in Brum. We'll be venturing into the Balti belt of Balsall Heath afterwards, to see how Birmingham's most famous culinary product compares with the Gujarati cuisine of Leicester's Melton Road.

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