Monday, 21 April 2008

Still starting

Here's my colleague Mike Weedon's photo of that Peterborough Redstart, which is still hanging around. I was lucky enough to see a similarly fine male at Thornton Reservoir, near Leicester, yesterday, although I didn't catch up with the Bittern at Cossington, or the Arctic and Black Terns and Little Gulls reported from several locations. An early start tomorrow beckons...


John Hague said...

Beautiful light on that bird. I'd envyed the photo on Mike's blog. None of the Redstart I've found so far have been obliging photowise!
I love Redstart, has to be one of my favourite birds.

Matt Merritt said...

Yes, me too. When you don't see one for ages you forget just how great they are.
The Thornton bird seemed to have gone last night. Nothing there except lots of Swallows and a Cuckoo.