Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Well, who'd have thought it? No sooner had I moaned yesterday about the ever-increasing Books To Buy list, than Amazon sent me a gift certificate (they've owed it to me for over a year, but I'd given it up as lost). I've chosen to see it as a sign from a higher power commanding me to buy more poetry - Hartill and that Poetry Wars book, I think.


Frances said...

Poetry Wars - is that poetry about fighting a war or fighting the war of trying to write poetry?

Ignore me, I'm going through a negative phase at the moment. Are you coming down to the reading at the Troubadour? Major computer crash - I've lost the date.

Matt Merritt said...

It's all about the avant-garde/mainstream battle at the Poetry Society in the 70s.
I'm going to try to get along to see the Troubadour reading, but it'll depend on good old Heathrow, because I'm flying back from Spain that afternoon. It'd be good to put some faces to names there, though.