Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Making a start

Just had to dash out of the office and walk the mile or so to Ferry Meadows to see one of these little fellas. Gorgeous birds (pictures never really do them justice), and unfortunate that I only ever see them while they're on migration. What a week for redstarts.


Frances said...

Just attended a group where someone had written a poem about birds. One of the lines was: 'sparrow is the new red kite' - which I took to mean that there aren't any left. How can we have lost all our birds?

Matt Merritt said...

House sparrow are suffering, mainly because of smaller gardens with less natural food, and lack of nesting sites. But it's not all gloom - a lot of small birds such as Blackbirds, tits and Goldfinches are thriving. I suppose there are always winners and losers.