Thursday, 10 April 2008

Coming soon...

Here's the excellent cover to the forthcoming first collection from Minnesota-based poet LouAnn Shepard Muhm. Regular readers of Polyolbion will know that I liked LouAnn's chapbook, Dear Immovable, a great deal, having received it in the 2007 Poetry Superhighway Great Poetry Exchange.

Well I've already read this collection, having been asked to do one of the blurbs for it (which was a big thrill - Jane Hirshfield was one of the other blurbsters), and it builds on the strengths of that chapbook and then some. I've been through it several times and there's absolutely no excess baggage - every word has a job to do, and does it very well.

To find out more about LouAnn, the book, and ordering, click here or email me directly, and I'll send you a pre-order form.


Rob said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Matt. I had to send my chapbook to LouAnn in this year's PSGPE exchange.

Matt Merritt said...

Good stuff, Rob. I reckon it'll be right up her street.

LouAnn Muhm said...


I've only had a chance for the briefest glance into your book, but will give it a good read soon, and will proably post a review on the blog linked in Matt's post.

Thanks for sending it--I've only read a couple of poems, but can already tell you're in my neighborhood.