Saturday, 7 May 2011

Catapult To Mars

This rather splendid blog, Catapult To Mars, was flagged up to me the other day. It boasts poetry from the likes of CJ Allen, which is never a bad thing, but I'm also intrigued by anywhere that's willing to publish poetry in English, Scots or Spanish. As I'm attempting to learn the latter, I can tell myself that time spent browsing the blog's archives isn't just enjoyable, or artistically satisfying, it's educational too. Bonus!


Gordon Mason said...

Clive Allen told me you've highlighted my blog.

Many thanks ... and good luck with the Spanish; when you've mastered that you can move on to Scots! Even though Drayton did not make it that far!



Matt Merritt said...

Thanks Gordon. The Spanish is coming along nicely, if a bit slowly.

Great blog - very much enjoying it.