Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Poetry Nottingham

The new Poetry Nottingham arrived yesterday, and I spent a fair part of the day browsing it. This issue contains the winners of the PN Open Competition, so there's less space for reviews than normal, but there's an excellent appraisal of DA Prince's HappenStance collection, Nearly The Happy Hour.

The poems include work by the reliably excellent CJ Allen, and there's a definite HappenStance flavour to things too, with Patricia Ace, Gill McEvoy and myself also appearing in there.* My poem, His Old Tricks, was one of the winners of the mini-competition in the last issue - the other winner was Knock-Off Country, by Jon Stone (highly recommended).

*Because the poets in PN appear in alphabetical order, my poem appears opposite Gill's - the second or maybe even third time this has happened, I think. Always nice to be among friends!


Coastcard said...

Many congratulations! Was this the somewhat bizarre competition? If so, I started to draft a poem, and then fell ill and was overtaken by Christmas. I'm now not sure who would want my strange poem!

Matt Merritt said...

That was the one. Mine involved a magician and his assistant, but Jon's went off in much stranger directions (and was much the better for it, too, I thought).

Coastcard said...

Mine was something along the limes of Ophelia meets Odysseus or Shakespeare meets Homer ... with a rabbit thrown in for good measure, of course!