Saturday, 10 January 2009

Geoffrey Holloway

Just got my hands on this lovely volume, from Arrowhead, the Collected Poems of Geoffrey Holloway. It's been recommended by quite a few people whose judgement I trust, so I'm looking forward to reading it. I read his poem Rhine Jump, years ago, and liked it, but until this book came out he had slipped off the radar a bit.

Holloway was a very active and prolific poet, but it was perhaps because he didn't fit comfortably into any of the usual pigeonholes (mainstream, avant-garde, etc) that he didn't get the recognition he really deserved.

This should put things right to a large extent, and there's an introduction by editor David Morley that puts Holloway's work in context. I have, as I said, been told about this book by quite a few poets, so it's good that there's a bit of a murmur going round about Holloway after all this time.

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