Thursday, 24 May 2007

Not even thinly-disguised self-promotion

It's perfectly understandable that it sometimes takes a long time to get a response to submissions to a poetry magazine. For a start, editors are generally doing the job pretty much for the love of it, so ploughing through mountains of poems in their spare time can take a while. Secondly, it must depend on when in the magazine's 'cycle' you send.
It's nice, though, to get a quick response, and even better when it contains some acceptances. Yesterday, no more than a week since I sent them off, I got three poems accepted for next March's issue of The Frogmore Papers. I heard the editor, Jeremy Page, read at a Magma launch last year, and he was excellent, and it's always good to know you've hit the target with someone whose work you know and like (although that's true of the editors of most of the mags I submit to, I think). Good too, to be in such illustrious company - the current issue contains all sorts of good stuff.

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