Monday, 7 May 2007

Mimesis - out now!

My copy of the first edition of Mimesis arrived the other day, and I've been able to read it thoroughly over the weekend. It's excellent, really excellent. I like the fact that all the poets get at least three pieces in there, giving them a chance to spread their wings a bit and the reader an opportunity to form a more considered judgement about their work than might be the case with single poems.
Favourites were probably Taylor Loy's Letter To The First Poet On Mars and How Silk Is Made, and Rob Mackenzie's Flashbacks and City, but there's enough diversity on show (with a good international flavour to it all) that some pieces will probably be slow-burners.
The interview with poet and Smiths Knoll editor Michael Laskey can only really be criticised on the grounds of brevity, and the whole magazine is very attractively packaged (perhaps it shouldn't matter so much, but I do love it when a magazine or book looks the part and really demands to be read). Have a look for yourself.

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