Friday, 25 May 2007

Limited edition

When I first got into music, Stiff Records was ultra-cool, partly by virtue of not being cool at all. By that I mean they never seemed to have a house style, or a leaning towards a particular kind of music, just a liking for all sorts of highly individual acts who emerged in the years immediately following punk. In doing so, they were trail-blazing for many of the great indie labels of the 80s.
Anyway, the list of artists who recorded on Stiff is impressive. Elvis Costello, Madness, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, The Damned, Nick Lowe, Graham Parker, The Pogues, Kirsty McColl, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, and the wonderful Devo. Now you can add to that Leicester's own The Displacements. They've got a limited edition vinyl single (1,000 copies only), Frontline Hearts, coming out soon, and you can pre-order it by going to the Stiff website.
It's good, very good, and they're a band you're going to hear an awful lot from in the years to come, so here's your chance to say you were in there right from the start.

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