Monday, 22 July 2013

Blackbox Manifold 10

The latest issue of Blackbox Manifold has gone live - it includes work by Billy Cancel, Rick Crilly, Josh Ekroy, Michael Farrell, Joanna Grigg, Bernard Henrie, Joan Harvey, David Herd, Beau Hopkins, Drew Milne & John Kinsella (together), Peter Larkin, Robert Mueller, Sandeep Parmar, Peter Riley, Jennifer Scappettone, Kerrin P Sharpe, Nathan Thompson, Corey Wakeling, Duncan White and Rachel Zolf, plus an essay by Sam Ladkin on Frank O'Hara, and a review of John Matthias (a poet I've been reading a lot of lately) by Adam Piette.

As ever, it's well worth trawling through the archive of previous issues for all sorts of new discoveries and hidden gems.

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