Friday, 3 August 2012

Stop me and try one

The new issue of Tears In The Fence - no.55 to be exact - arrived in the post yesterday. In fact, two copies arrived, because I subscribe, and I also have a poem, Saltings, in this issue.

As you'll hopefully be able to see from the terrible photo (phone-cam, sorry) above, it's had an external makeover, with glossy, colour covers. Inside, though, the format is much the same. Lots of poetry, fiction, and a really hefty section of essays and reviews. The quality is excellent  as always (on my first skim through, I read fine poems by Kerry Featherstone, Mark Goodwin, Andy Brown and Rupert Loydell - I tend to turn to the names I know first), but there's also an awful lot to read. It's as much a book as a mag.

Anyway, instead of listening to me talk about it, you should try it yourself. There's a free copy going to the first person to claim it - just send me your details in the comment box of this post, and I'll mail it out to you. You will then, of course, become a subscriber and spread the word about one of the UK"s best literary mags, wont't you?


Jayne Stanton said...

I'd love a free copy, Matt!
Jayne Stanton
57 Saddington Road

Matt Merritt said...

Done! Very quick off the mark, Jane!

I'll get that in the post today.

Jayne Stanton said...

Thank s Matt! I'll look forward to that :)

The Editors said...

Thanks for this post, Matt: it's a good reminder that I need to send off my subscription this year. D'oh!

Simon @ Gists and Piths