Tuesday, 26 October 2010

More PNG

If you want a more in-depth look at Papua New Guinea, with much better pictures, take a look at Bill Thompson III's excellent Bill of the Birds over the next few weeks.

The first instalment has reminded me just what a horrendously long journey Bill faced from his home in Ohio. By comparison, our route (Birmingham-Amsterdam-Singapore-Port Moresby) was a breeze.

Incidentally, just after the photo of us in the airport lounge at PM was taken, I fulfilled my obligations as a British birder by eating a chicken pie from the cafe there. It wasn't bad at all - plenty of meat, nice gravy, and good shortcrust pastry. Mr Ginster please take note.

EDIT: I see Bill has just added a second instalment, in the first picture of which, taken at Tabubil, way up in the highlands, we're also tucking into pies (lamb this time with chips). We did do something other than eat pies during the trip, honestly.

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