Thursday, 14 October 2010

Back in circulation

I've not been posting much recently, mainly because I've spent the last three weeks in Papua New Guinea, on a trip for work. Although, work isn't really the right word. It was physically pretty demanding at times (4.30am starts every day, extreme heat and humidity, some very steep trails, and the inevitable mosquitoes), but the rewards were some astonishing views of 18 bird of paradise species, plus all sorts of other goodies, with the kingfishers, parrots and pigeons being the highlights. It's a fascinating country, too, with an amazing number of different languages and cultures.

I'll be posting much more about it over the next few weeks, along with a few digiscoped and digibinned photos - I'll also direct you to some much better images by some of my companions on the trip.

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Caroline Gill said...

We look forward to these posts, Matt.