Friday, 29 May 2009

Tim Wells: Rougher Yet

I received Tim Wells' new book, Rougher Yet, in the post the other day, and a thing of beauty it is too, as is pretty much par for the course with Donut Press. I've had little time as yet to really get stuck into it, but when I have it's pretty much unputdownable (I can confirm that that is the correct spelling of a totally imaginary word).

I'll be posting a proper review of it on here as soon as I've digested it properly, but I'll say now that Wells is one of those poets who makes what he does look deceptively easy. There are a lot of poets around nowadays who are touted as plugging straight into the language and rhythms of urban (and particularly London) life, but few do it quite as well as him. He's also someone who makes the old "does performance poetry work on the page and vice versa" debate look pretty redundant.I'm looking forward to reading more this week, preferably with a cold beer in my hand, now that summer seems to have arrived in earnest.

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