Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Missed again

I was away for most of the weekend, but got back in time to try to twitch the male Ring Ouzel that's been in a field off Charley Lane, near Bawdon Castle Farm. It was bitterly cold, more like February than May, and the wind was strong. I arrived just about at the same time as Dave Gray, and although we both gave the field in question a thorough grilling, we had no luck. Dave did find several Wheatears including a Greenland bird, and had heard Curlew calling nearby. It doesn't help, though, that the field contains several half-buried black plastic sacks, guaranteed to momentarily raise your hopes when you see them move in the wind at a certain angle.

I even went back this morning on the way to work, but again no sign of the Ouzel. There were at least two Curlew calling over towards Beacon Hill though, and a couple of the Wheatears were still around. But as if those black sacks weren't enough, two male Blackbirds occasionally appeared near the house at the top of the field to again raise hopes. I seem destined to keep missing Ring Ouzels this year, though.

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