Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Just back from Chester after reading as the guest poet at the Zest! open mic last night - very enjoyable indeed. It's a really vibrant monthly event, and there were plenty of really good poets and poems on show.

Anyway, I'll post about it properly later in the week (I also managed to do a bit of birding and a lot of rummaging through bookshops), but for now, here's my set-list.

Set One
The Meeting Place
Probably The Ponzo Illusion
Poem ("Today we haven't stopped to think...")
The Memory Of Water
Scorpio Over La Selva
Troy Town

Set Two
At Home
Show, Don't Tell
To A Flame
Ringing Redstarts
The Mad Mile
Raining, Craswall, Evening

1 comment:

Andrew Shields said...

"Probably the Ponzo Illusion": is that a poem by Paulson? :-)