Thursday, 4 September 2008

Today's selection

Following on from my post earlier in the week about James W Wood's excellent chapbook Inextinguishable, his poem Afternoon Nap, from that book, is today's featured poem on Poetry Daily. Rob Mackenzie has also posted about it over at Surroundings.

I meant to mention earlier in the week, that I went off to look up the word 'knucker', as in Knucker Press, publishers of James' pamphlet. It's a dialect word for a kind of water dragon, from the Anglo-Saxon 'nicor', which crops up in Beowulf. Apparently there are reputed 'knucker holes' at various places in Sussex.

Now I think about it, I dimly remember, in the 80s, there being a dragon called The Knucker in the story Slaine the Barbarian, in 2000AD comic.


Kirk Wisebeard said...

There was indeed a dragon called the Knucker, which caused all sorts of trouble for Slaine, Ukko and Niamh.. it lived in a fogou on Worms head, the Gower..... i believe i mentioned it earlier in a comment on this very blog...... but then I believe that rain is wet, so who am i to judge.....

Matt Merritt said...

My head's a mess at the moment, but it's all coming back to me - Worm's Head. Nice place - lovely beaches round there. No dragons though.