Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Spring, spring, spring

All a bit hectic at the moment with cricket coaching, writing reviews, writing and sending out poems, getting stuck in the snow, etc, but here's a little trailer for things to come.
I intend to use Polyolbion to occasionally publish poems, stories, reviews and opinion pieces - it'll generally be invited stuff, with no particular theme. Anyway, I'll be kicking it off next Monday with a piece by Mark Howard Jones on Nigel Kneale, a visionary writer whose recent death seemed to go largely unnoticed.
While, as I say, it will be largely invited stuff, I'm always open to good ideas, so if you have something literary or musical you'd like to write about, email me on the link on the main page.
On the bird front, a quick hour down at the forest park this morning saw Skylarks singing and displaying everywhere, and the breeding Curlews already back and looking out suitable nesting sites. And while I was passing Swithland Reservoir, I couldn't resist a quick scan for the Peregrines. Sure enough, both were flying, before the female settled on her favorite tree. Patch list up to 77.

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