Thursday, 1 February 2007

List update

While my main year list is now well past the 100 mark, thanks to gadding around Norfolk and seeing Peregrine and Reed Bunting at Woodwalton Fen last week, my patch year list is stuck in the mid-60s, on account of having done next to no birding close to home over the last three weeks.
I did, though, manage to add Ruddy Duck and Little Egret at Groby Pool last Sunday. The former rarely show up round here, and face extermination because of their habit of cross-breeding with the endangered White-headed Duck. There are arguments for and against the cull, but I can't actually bring myself to inform on them, as it were.
The egrets are a more and more familiar sight, even in northern England, whereas even 20 years ago a brief visit from one to the south coast was worthy of comment. Presumably global warming is partly responsible for this, but it might also have something to do with better water quality and better protection. Whatever, they're always nice to see. This one was standing hunched among a loose group of 22 herons, possibly wondering why he hadn't stayed in the warmer climes of the Med after all.

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