Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Splash out

For just a fiver a year, you can now support one of the UK’s best poetry chapbook publishers, Happenstance (I know, I know, I WOULD say that, but it’s true).
So what do you get for your hard-earned brass?
* Advance notice of each new publication, by post or email, with at least one sample extract.
* Invitations to all chapbook launches.
* 15 percent off the cover price of each publication.
* The chance to order a pre-signed copy of new publications.
* A chapter of The Happenstance Story each year.
* One free copy per year of a HappenStance publication.
* Courteous and helpful feedback on any work you submit – your chances of publication will remain exactly the same as everybody else’s, but it's hard to stress enough just how valuable good, impartial feedback is.
If you’re in the UK, send a cheque for £5 to this address, detailing your name, email address and postal address, and the chapbook you would like a free copy of (there’s a list of publications at the site).
If you’re outside the UK, and can’t pay in pounds sterling, it’s probably best to email Helena Nelson and make an enquiry at this email address.
Go on – it’s the price of a couple of pints, but with the advantage that it won’t make you start thinking that a shish donner mix with extra chilli sauce is a good idea.

1 comment:

Rob Mackenzie said...

I wish you hadn't mentioned the kebab. It's nearly midnight on a Friday evening, and suddenly I'm thinking that a kebab sounds like a really good idea.

Of course, reading a poetry chapbook is what I really need to do.