Friday, 29 December 2006

Buy now!

A friend of mine, Mark Jones, has his first novella out now, from ISMs Press. It's called The Garden Of Doubt On The Island Of Shadows, and you can read more about it, and order it, by clicking here.
The way publishing is nowadays, it's even harder to get short stories and novellas in print than poetry, so it's always nice to see someone you know managing to pick out the difficult path to publication. I've not read it yet, but if his previous short stories are anything to go by, it'll be right up the street of anyone who likes well-written macabre fiction (think Ray Bradbury, maybe, as well as the names mentioned on the ISMs website).
Actually, Mark was my boss when I worked in Cardiff, and a jolly good boss too, albeit one with a dark and twisted imagination, or as dark and twisted as sub-editing the Pontypridd Observer and Cynon Valley Leader allowed.

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