Monday, 9 May 2016

More from Alderney


Alderney isn't just about Gannets and other birds. In the spring, it's just a very pleasant place to be, walking along the cliffs or beaches. The spot above, on the south coast of the island, is typical – if Peregrines drift over, that's a great bonus, and you can always watch the seabirds, but the scenery's worth it in its own right.

Throughout our stay, we were at the Braye Beach Hotel (below), which as well as being very comfortable and geared to birders and other wildlife-watchers, is nicely placed for early morning birding. Ringed Plovers and Whimbrels drop in on the beach itself.

And what about that other wildlife? Well, up on the cliffs, Alderney has a good population of Glanville Fritillaries, a butterfly otherwise found only on the Isle of Wight in the British Isles. It was too early for them while we were there, but their caterpillars are great – black, hairy and with vivid red eyes.

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