Friday, 22 January 2016

A Sky Full of Birds

This is what I've spent a large part of my writing time on for the last two years – a 'birding memoir', in which I talk about trying to see Britain's greatest avian spectacles, and how they're almost without exception within easy reach of everyone with even the most casual interest in wildlife. There's also a lot of rambling about history, poetry, and football.

It will be published by Rider Books at the beginning of April, and I apologise in advance for the fact that you're going to hear a lot about it on here over the next couple of years. If birds aren't your thing, move along quietly and there'll be some poetry to follow.

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Poetry Pleases! said...

Dear Matt

I too am an amateur bird-watcher hampered only by myopia and encyclopedic ignorance. We have let our garden run wild to encourage wildlife and now enjoy more interesting avian visitors than anyone else in our village.

Best wishes from Simon R. Gladdish