Friday, 10 April 2015

Richie Benaud, RIP

I don't often do this. OK, there are plenty of famous writers, sports stars and other celebrities whose death would sadden me a great deal, but I'm wary of saying too much, because how much do any of us really know these people? I tend to think that the mourning, the real mourning, should be left to the families

But the death of Richie Benaud earlier today is different, for me. Having been cricket-mad since the David Steele summer of 1975, I can honestly think of absolutely no one I've had a more lasting and total admiration of. 

I've written about him on here before, at some length, and I can't really add much to what I said back then. Thanks for everything, Richie. We'll never see your like again.

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Matthew Paul said...

Quite right, Matt.

Richie was a total legend. And the pioneer of breaking down the fourth wall, of course. Never mind the Miliband stare down the camera; Richie was there 40 years ago. And what a combo he was with Jim Laker. Spin twins.