Friday, 6 February 2015

New from Muldoon

I go through phases, where Paul Muldoon is concerned. When I'm enjoying his work, I really enjoy it. At other times, I get that feeling that you get whenever you've eaten or drunk too much of a good thing (and maybe that's all that's the problem - when he's good, you can't help reading another poem, and another, and another).

But anyway, he's got me hooked straight away this time, if this Guardian review is anything to go by. All those Anglo-Saxon references, you see. I'll add it to the list.

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Ben Wilkinson said...

I've reviewed this latest one too, as part of a lengthy retrospective forthcoming in the next Poetry Review. Let's just say I reach rather different conclusions than Fran Brearton, who does a good job here of portraying the poems as the tours de force, rather than the exhausting, unrewarding feats required by the reader. Trivia and arcana in overdrive. Be interested to hear your views once you've read the thing.