Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Poems from the Road

Robin Vaughan-Williams is looking for ‘poems from the road’ for a podcast that'll be made available in July.

It's part of the Apples and Snakes Home Cooking series, and will be broadcast on Basic.fm and then made available for download. Poems from the Road will be a poetic journey down Britain’s A-roads, and will include work by poets from around the country.

Robin explained: "I am looking for poetry that is born from the road, addresses the road, inhabits it, or otherwise explores our experience of the road.

"The road is many things to many people: a place of alienation, danger, abstraction, release, solitude, speed. It takes up vast chunks of much of our lives, yet is often neglected as one of the spaces we inhabit in the rush from A to B. What of the inner world, the landscapes, the journeys, the people that populate them?"

If you’d like to submit (up to three poems), you can contact Robin directly here. Audio recordings of the selected poems will be used, but at this stage Robin only needs the poems in written form. Final selections will be made by June 1st. 

From May Robin will also be collecting poetic tweets from the A-roads, to be edited into an audio collage for the programme. Keep an eye on his Twitter account - @robinrvw - for further details.

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