Tuesday, 24 September 2013

James W Wood at the Poetry Cafe

I enjoy my job a lot, and it's not that often that I'm so office-bound that I can't get away when I need to, but unfortunately, last Friday was just such a time. James Wood was launching his debut full collection The Anvil's Prayer, published by Ward Wood, at the Poetry Cafe in London. I'd hoped to zip down the A1 to hear him read, but it wasn't to be - it was deadline day for our October issue, too, and duty called.

Fortunately, Adele Ward of Ward Wood was recording the event, so you can watch and hear James reading on You Tube here and here - I'm delighted and honoured that the latter poem, Buccaneers, is dedicated to Noel Duffy and myself.

Keep an eye out here - I'm going to take a closer look at James's book on this blog before the end of the year. But in the meantime, I can recommend it very highly.

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Anonymous said...

Just seen this, Matt - thanks for the words, as always - and I'm delighted you were pleased with the dedication: it was the least I could do.