Monday, 11 March 2013

Sea Lion Island

While in the Falklands we (Dominic Couzens, Mike Unwin, and myself) spent a couple of days on Sea Lion Island, which lies to the south of East Falkland. It's probably better geared to tourism than anywhere else in the islands, with a purpose-built lodge, easy walking, and of course, plentiful wildlife. There's even a pitch and putt course if you can find the time.

Down on the beach nearest to the lodge, we found lots of Gentoo Penguins, quite a few Magellanics, and two Kings. All three species are pictured above, in that order from left to right.

I'll publish pictures of some of the other bird species in subsequent posts, but it goes without saying that the island also had sea lions, Southern Sea Lions to be exact. Look at this chap, and you start to understand exactly how they got their name!

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Caroline Gill said...

Incredible wildlife!