Monday, 3 December 2012

Books of 2012

I started trying to put together a list of my favourite poetry collections of this year, but it struck me that most of what I've read and enjoyed this year has been back-catalogue stuff (with a few notable exceptions, which I'll write about over the holiday period), or anthologies. There are also two or three new collections that I've bought but not yet read.

So, with a month left, I want some recommendations. In the unlikely event that I've got a few quid spare in the next four weeks, what do I need to read?


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt. Have you tried Richard Meier's Misadventure? In a way, his collection reminded me of your poetry. I read one (Blackberrying in a time of recession) in a bookshop over the summer and, thinking of my then unborn son at the same time, it made me recoil. It's not often that a poem's that memorable. I finally chased the collection down a couple of weeks ago and am still enjoying it.

Matt Merritt said...

I haven't read it, John, although now I do a bit of research I realise that I've read and liked his poems when they've appeared in mags and in The Guardian. I'll definitely get hold of a copy.