Friday, 6 July 2012

David Swann: The Privilege of Rain - Time Among The Sherwood Outlaws

As I've moaned more than once recently, I haven't been getting time to write the reviews that I'd like to for this blog. One of the books I've enjoyed a lot this year is David Swann's The Privilege of Rain - Time Among The Sherwood Outlaws (from the excellent Waterloo Press), so in the absence of any coherent thoughts from me about just why I like it, read Steve Spence's very positive review of it in Stride. I like the point he makes in the last paragraph about it being a book that keeps asking unanswerable questions - that's a mark not just of Swann's sympathetic approach, but also of his unassuming, modest style as a writer. It works superbly.


Brian Lewis said...

There's also a fine film by Ben Harding comprising three extracts from 'The Privilege of Rain':

Dave Swann said...

Matt, thank you very much for finding the space to include this review on your excellent site. I'm also grateful to the reviewer for taking the time to read my book so carefully. It's brilliant that people find the time and generosity to discuss small press publications that exist so far beyond the mainstream. Thank you.