Wednesday, 12 January 2011

City Voices

Last night I dashed over to Wolverhampton to read with Jane Commane and Matt Nunn of Nine Arches Press at City Voices, at the City Bar.

In fact, it was the 99th monthly City Voices event, a run of over eight years. That's really pretty impressive, given the amount of commitment it takes to even set up any sort of reading series or poetry group. There was a good turnout, and they were an excellent audience - very attentive and appreciative.

Anyway, it was an excellent night. The first half consisted of us reading, while the second half was three young local poets (and I mean young - at least one was 14). They were pretty astonishing, to be honest, not only for their technical skill and sheer imagination, but for the poise with which they performed. I didn't catch the names, stupidly, but I'll find out because I suspect a lot more will be heard from all three.

My setlist was:
Prelude for Glass Harmonica
Request Hour At The Numbers Station
The Limits
Fantasia for Glass Harmonica
The Memory Of Water
Variations On A Theme By J.A. Baker
Worst Case Scenario
Nocturne for Glass Harmonica

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