Friday, 29 January 2010

Web wanderings

Given that I spend absurd amounts of time trawling the web at work, a disturbing amount of really good stuff slips under my radar. Clearly I should be looking a bit more closely rather than just amassing trivia which I can then put to use on Sporcle.

So, I’ve only just realised that Tony Frazer, of Shearsman, has a blog, and that he’s just published Elisabeth Bletsoe’s first three collections under one cover. I’m a big fan of Shearsman, who not only have some great poets on board but who also take care to make their books things of beauty. Bletsoe’s someone I’ve read too little of, but what I have seen I've liked a lot, so this will fill a gap in my knowledge.

I’ve also only just noticed that Hand + Star, the poetry reviews site, also features some original poetry. All sorts of good things there when you start looking.

Stride is an old favourite, and I really enjoyed reading the latest batch of reviews. Jeremy Over’s book sounds right up my street, so when the purse-strings allow…

And finally, a bit of a heads-up for this fundraising reading taking place in Leicester tomorrow. Sounds like a varied line-up of writers, it’s a lovely venue, and it’s for LOROS, a cause very close to my heart.

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