Friday, 10 July 2009

Promises, promises

I keep mentioning various items that I'm going to post up here, and never quite getting round to finishing them. It's busy, busy, busy over the next couple of weeks, too, so they might have to wait just a little while longer. But they will happen, eventually. Honest.

In the meantime, though, something to really get your teeth into. On Monday, I'll be publishing an interview with Claire Crowther, whose Shearsman collection The Clockwork Gift I've been enjoying hugely these last few weeks.

Her first collection, Stretch Of Closures, was shortlisted for the Aldeburgh Best First Collection Prize, and the new book has already garnered plenty of critical praise, with Matthew Francis writing: "Very few poets create their own unique world. Claire Crowther does, and it's all the more rich and strange for being made of language. She's one of the most original and imaginative poets now writing."

I couldn't put it better myself, so look out on Monday for that interview, plus some sample poems.

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