Friday, 12 June 2009

Another reminder

Yes, yet another plug for this Sunday's reading at Norwich Arts Centre, along with poets Paul Farley and Katrina Porteous, and nature writer Mark Cocker. The Cafe Writers event starts at 3pm, with me and Katrina. Paul and Mark will read at 6.30pm.

Mark Cocker is the author of the wonderful Birds Britannica and Crow Country, Paul Farley you probably know all about (he popped up on A Poet's Guide To Britain this week), and Katrina Porteous is a voice familiar from the radio. I'll be reading a heavily nature-slanted set.

If you'd like to come along, bring a picnic. Drinks from the bar only until 11pm. Tickets for the first reading are £4, for the second £6, and for both, £8, and more details are here.

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Coastcard said...

have a great time, Matt - & give greetings to my home city!