Sunday, 15 March 2009

Back home

I've been away in the Philippines for the last two weeks, on a 'fam' trip for work, and hugely enjoyable it was too. Very hot, lots of spectacular locations, very friendly people, and of course plenty of great birds, of which more later this week when I've had a chance to go through my lists. The only American member of our party, Bill Thompson III, has already posted a few pics here, at his excellent blog. I can be seen on one of them, complete with Tilley Hat, looking suitably baffled by something flitting around the forest canopy.

Never having been birding in Asia previously, most of the species we saw were new to me, with only a handful of familiar birds cropping up here and there. Among them were Yellow Wagtails (albeit a diffferent subspecies to the one we see here), which were common around the edges of paddyfields.

As it happens, they're the subject of this poem which appears in the new issue of Shit Creek Review. Have a browse through what's another fine issue.

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