Saturday, 21 February 2009

Blackbox Manifold 2

Issue Two of Sheffield-based Blackbox Manifold can now be found here.

It boasts all manner of excellent poetry from the likes of Paul Muldoon, John Kinsella, Geraldine Monk, Alan Halsey and Matthew Sweeney, and there are two poems from me in there - The Archaeologist and Sunday Cricket, Eastwood - so have a good browse through it and Issue One.


Ben Wilkinson said...

Good to see you plugging this, Matt - a good online literary mag that looks like it could really go places.

Both Adam and Alex certainly have some good literary contacts, so they never seem short of good contributors - I enjoyed Michael Schmidt's stuff in the first issue in particular.

Matt Merritt said...

Yeah, I liked Issue One a lot. It's good to see more quality online mags springing up.