Monday, 16 June 2008

Salt snap up Andrew Philip

Great to hear that Andrew Philip - whose wonderful pamphlet Tonguefire was a standard-bearer for HappenStance - has had his manuscript The Ambulance Box accepted by Salt, for publication next year.

As Andrew says, Salt have a very strong list (I was in Borders this afternoon and was struck by what an eclectic but high-quality range they boast), and are also at the forefront of marketing poetry through the web, the potential of which they've probably only just started to explore

Anyway, it's the first must-buy of 2009 on my list - if you want to know exactly why, have a look on the HappenStance site and get hold of Tonguefire, or the Andrew Philip Sampler, just out. Proof that quality wins out.


Rob said...

"...get hold of Tonguefire..."

Absolutely impossible. It's been sold out for ages, although I have a copy and will sell it for ...oh...£5000, if anyone is interested.

There are only 150 copies of the sampler, so anyone who wants one shouldn't hang about.

"Proof that quality wins out."

In this case! Not always, unfortunately, but it's good to see it happen.

Andrew Philip said...

Thanks for your generous comments, Matt.

Matt Merritt said...

Ah, very true Rob, I forgot that it had long since sold out, so the Sampler is your best bet.