Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Out now

The tenth anniversary issue (No.40) of Obsessed With Pipework arrived yesterday. There's a load of good stuff, with an international flavour, especially three poems by Noosa Lee which I've read and re-read several times. Noosa is behind the blog That's So Pants, which is always an entertaining read.
I've got three poems in OWP too - Small Hours, First Night and Minding The Gaps.


Pants said...

Hi Matt

Thanks for mentioning me. I've returned the compliment over at HOP. I loved your poems, especially Small Hours. I have a soft spot for Gary Snyder for reasons I could never explain convincingly. You know, those ahhh moments don't really require embellishment.



Matt Merritt said...

Thanks very much, Noosa.
I only really came across Gary Snyder when I went to a friend's wedding in Davis, California a few years ago. Because Snyder was a visiting lecturer at the university there, the bookshops were full of his books, so I got a bit hooked.