Monday, 15 October 2007

A Rattling good read

The Fall 2007 edition of excellent online mag Rattle is available here (you can download it as a PDF). I've only had the chance to have a quick scan through it so far, but it looks good.


Frances said...

I particularly like Jeannine Hall Gaiey's 'Becoming the Villainess'. We risk 'loneliness, grandeur ... the heart of stone' and like all the best fairy tales this one has a dark side.

Thanks for this link Matt. An interesting find.

Matt Merritt said...

Yes, I liked that one. I like the fact the mag's available to download as a PDF too, so you can print it off to read in the canteen, or whatever.

michi said...

jeannine's "becoming the villainess" is a fantastic book. she blogs here btw: