Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Action this day!

You may have seen this or something similar on a number of other blogs - if not, take the time to have a read. Huddersfield-based The Poetry Business, which publishes Smith/Doorstop books as well as The North, one of the UK's best poetry mags, faces massive funding cuts from Kirklees Council, and you can do your bit to try to change things, if you want.
I suspect many arts businesses and organisations are going to feel the pinch in the coming years, partly as a result of the London Olympics, but what's really baffling is the assertion by a councillor about The Poetry Business no longer contributing enough towards the "economic, social and environmental well-being of the district" - I would have thought it had played a very large part in putting Huddersfield on the cultural map, but I suspect that like many councils of all political persuasions, they are more interested in much more easily measured outcomes.

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