Thursday, 26 July 2007

Kings of spin

As it looks increasingly like I'll never set foot on an actual cricket pitch again, I've been busy compensating by trying to write poems about Wilfrid Rhodes and Hedley Verity, two greats of the English game. Obviously I never saw these two play, but there's always something good about watching left-arm spinners - I think it's to do with the angle of approach to the wicket they have to take, but so many seem to have very rhythmic, graceful, easy actions. Monty Panesar is just the latest (and what a breath of fresh air his whole-hearted enjoyment of the game is). And the best (for sheer aesthetic appeal)? It would have to be another Sikh, India's Bishen Bedi, who wheeled away like a finely-tuned engine.
I'll post the results on the poetry workshop on Word Doctors in the next couple of days.

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