Friday, 20 April 2007

Catching up

I'm not, as you may have noticed, very methodical in choosing which links to post down the side of this blog, a problem which is added to by the fact that the software here at work will only let me post links within text like this, not in the sidebar. Which is a roundabout way of saying that I should have got round to linking to Andrew Philip's Tonguefire blog a long time ago. It's full of good stuff, and very much needs to be digested at your leisure, rather than hidden behind a Word document and viewed when the boss isn't watching. So, I'll post a link in the sidebar when I get the chance.
Andrew is another fellow Happenstancer, and indeed a pioneer, as his chapbook Tonguefire helped kick things off, and also has the distinction of having sold out recently. It's a really splendid book, highly individual, so get hold of a copy if you can, although I think Andrew's is a name you'll hear a lot more of in the future anyway.

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Andrew Philip said...

Many thanks for the wee write-up, Matt.