Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Normal service will be resumed

Blogging, birding and writing have all taken a back seat in recent weeks, mainly due to my having to do a lot of last-minute revision and paperwork for my UKCC2 cricket coaching assessment. It was entirely my own fault. The actual course finished in November, so I've had since then to get up to date, but in true kid-with-homework fashion, I left it all far too late.
There was a happy ending, though - the assessment at Trent Bridge on Sunday went pretty well, and I passed, despite having a very stiff neck. I might have struggled if I'd had to do any bowling demonstrations, but I got lucky and pulled out a fairly straightforward fielding one.
All day Saturday was spent coaching at an ECB roadshow in the Victoria Centre, Nottingham, which was a lot of fun, but it was a relief to get back to some reading and writing on Sunday afternoon. I 'finished' a poem that had been giving me trouble for ages, and I've been enjoying Ros Barber's How Things Are On Thursday and a few recent pamphlets.

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